Commercial Work and YOUR BUSINESS!

If you have questions about what exactly commercial work means in the photography industry, here's a list of things I can do for you and your business. I have tips to help your company, events and people shine. Just ask and I'll be glad to help you figure out how to best capture the image of your business.

1. People: this can be getting headshots with studio lights, or photographing in a more natural light setting at your office or facility. If you work from home, I can also help you figure out the best way to get a great headshot - even from your home office. Makeup and hair needs to also be considered, and I have a few people I trust to make you feel awesome about your look. If you need a more environmental image, we can include more of the background of where you choose. It's important to show your space if you have people coming to you for expertise.

Many people just need an online profile headshot that is professional versus one from your selfie albums. Let's talk about how to make you look your best in these type of shots - especially if you are job shopping!


2. Events: I really like being on the outskirts of large crowds and then getting close ups of your people enjoying themselves. I've photographed week-long events, graduation ceremonies, corporate events for companies to wine and dine clients, birthday parties and events at music venues.

3. Products: your company might sell products that need to be highlighted with a simple backdrop, or you may want those products in a real life environment complete with models. I can help with studio shots of your products as well as prop shopping and model scouting. It's really important to get great lighting on your product, I will assure you'll get what you need.

4. Locations/architecture: maybe you have a client that want to celebrate their new space, or you've just built a LEED certified building. Getting excellent photographs of these spaces are very important and I can work with you to make these places gorgeous. I work with people on props, plants, landscape ideas and how to best make your space look more appealing in your images.

Call me for more ideas about how I can help you and your business - no matter how large or small!