Two week retreat to this old house!

December 21 through Jan 2 :: Melissa Mann Photography is taking two weeks off! A shut down. An unplug. A retreat to this old house! (and all the walls are singing amen for more paint colors)

If you need a family photo session, dates are available below, but please call now! They're filling up faster than the leaves are falling. Gift certificates are available all year (except this two week shut down), please call or email me before the 19th.

Open times for family sessions include:

• Saturdays :: November 14, 21 and December 5, 12 and 19 **If you book your session ON the 19th, you won't be getting pictures printed in time for Christmas gifts, just an FYI...

• Some days during the week. I know you're working. I know. We're all "busy" -- but take a long lunch break. Take off early. Do this for your family. And for yourself. You'll thank me later for this little tip.

Thanks to all my clients - both commercial and families. You are helping to build great things yet to come for this small business! (And yes, I am fully aware it's before Halloween, but every year someone says that Christmas snuck up on them. : )) BOO! Gobble Gobble and Ho Ho HO!!